Use What You Have

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As I continue my decluttering journey, I am trying to examine everything I have. For me, the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” certainly rings true. This means I can easily end up with stuff that seems (and likely is) useful, but never actually gets used. When I think this through, it strikes me as being an inadvertent kind of resource hoarding; almost like the Dead Sea; where things may come in, but they don’t flow out.

As I consider things in our lives that are unused, I realized it doesn’t just apply to tangible things, but also less obvious ones…

  1. Education – Maybe you have received training or taken classes in things that you (or someone else) thought would be beneficial, but you haven’t yet used this knowledge.
  2. Expertise – Perhaps you have special skills or expertise that you could share with others.
  3. Your network – Everyone has a network (either formally or informally) of friends and colleagues.

So, what can we do to access these things and make them more useful?

  1. Regularly schedule time to review your notes or other learning materials. Then, make a plan to actually use the information so you can convert it to learning and action.
  2. Find ways to share your specialized skills. Volunteer with a nonprofit or other organization. Considering mentoring someone who would appreciate what you have to share.
  3. Take stock of your network and make time to connect with these individuals regularly. Networking is a two-way street. Seek their counsel when you need assistance and be ready to do the same for them.

Ultimately, we do a disservice to ourselves (and others) by keeping our intangible resources packed away. Unlock the potential of these resources so you can fully enjoy them and share readily with others. It is a great way to spread the wealth.