Our focus on both people and process is driven by the talent of our team.

A never ending fascination for people is behind all Jill does. A natural born coach, she is committed to her own and others’ growth. She can always be counted on to provide the right resource, word, tip or tool at the right time. Jill has over 15 years experience designing and delivering management and staff training. She has developed an uncanny ability to make the training experience both fun and engaging for all participants.

A passion for success drives Kerri’s love of process and leadership. She has the rare ability of seeing the big picture, as well as the most basic but essential details, then seamlessly tying them together. As someone who has personally sat at the big table, she knows how organizations succeed and where they fail. Excited about learning and continuous improvement, Kerri brings a unique understanding of organizational development and change management to any organization.

Together, Jill Corona and Kerri Nelson hold certifications in PROSCI® Change Management, Strategic Organizational Management and Performance Coaching, EQi 2.0, True Colors, and Strengths Finder. They hold memberships and are actively engaged with the Oregon Organizational Development Network and the Association for Talent Development.