Although we have never met an assessment we didn’t like, we know the right assessment needs to be used at the right time. We have a variety of assessment tools available, including:

  • The EQi 2.0® provides a snapshot of your strength of use of 15 subcomponents of Emotional Intelligence. It has a variety of uses for business including hiring, onboarding, coaching and may also be used for 360 feedback.
  • True Colors® is our favorite communication preference assessment. Rooted in the Myers Briggs typology, the focus of True Colors is about valuing diversity and understanding oneself and others. True Colors is great for teambuilding, enhancing organizational communication and increasing self-awareness.
  • Clifton Strengths® (Strengths Finder) provides insight into individuals’ innate talents and gifts. Strengths Finder is a unique tool focusing on what’s right with people, not what’s wrong. Once participants know their individual profile, they can begin to name, claim and aim their talents to increase effectiveness and become the best versions of themselves.
  • Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory® identifies an individual’s current approach to conflict management. The accompanying report also provides insight for interacting with other conflict styles. As a special feature, this tool identifies how their style might change as conflict intensifies.
  • Employee Engagement provides data about employees’ current level of engagement. With our process, you get an employee engagement number and actionable items you can implement to increase engagement.

“Wow, Jill and Kerri are so energetic and inspiring. They make it easy to open up and be yourself in a group. Their enthusiasm makes training fun, helps everyone learn to know themselves better and become a more confident, effective team member. The True Colors® assessment was a great experience!”

Jeannie C – 45 Degree Branding

“Jill and Kerri bring compassion and a unique blend of coaching experience that brought out personal realizations of changes I needed to make. They asked the right questions to draw out insights, offered suggestions tactfully and showed me tools I’ve applied to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally.”

Jenni F – Nike

What assessment best fits your needs?

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