The Corona Effect - Training

The “Corona Effect” really shines brightly in the training we provide. We promise to listen deeply to what you need, develop the right message with the right tools, and deliver an unparalleled experience. Our goal is to have people go back to work, armed with new tools and confidence, and create a lasting effect.

Our diverse catalog of topics is extensive (over 30 topic areas and climbing!) and falls into two distinct categories:

  • Core management – topics include ethics, communicating expectations, coaching, feedback, difficult conversations, and change management.
  • Team training – topics include customer service, not taking things personally, time and priority management, career development, Emotional Intelligence, and teambuilding.


“I am really blown away by staff involvement in our training. They all seemed so engaged and interested. What’s even better is that the conversations are continuing. I don’t think I have ever seen people walk out of a workshop and immediately put what they have learned into play the way they did out of your training.”

Cindy W – Sunrise Water Authority

”Kerri and Jill are a great 1-2 punch of energy and enthusiasm. Their management training really set us up for increased success and made hiring and on-boarding staff so much easier. I cannot say enough about how their practical approach was easy to implement and we got almost immediate results!”

Erin K – Vice President, LifeBalance

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