The Work of Winter

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Winter doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. It’s cold, dark and tends to seem quite bare. While it isn’t my personal favorite season, it is one I greatly respect. You see, winter is when the deepest work occurs in nature. It only seems as if the land is sleeping; in all actuality, it is readying itself for beauty and new growth.

Technically, winter runs from December 21st to March 20th, but I believe a season of winter can actually happen any time of the year.

Maybe you have had a recent setback, loss, or even a perceived failure. During this time, you may need to withdraw and focus on your own rejuvenation; your own personal winter, if you will.

When that occurs, it is wise to remember a few things.

  1. It won’t last forever. People tend to believe that a time of pain will never end, but the truth is, eventually circumstances will change, and you will see the buds of spring.
  2. It’s the perfect time to do the things you put off doing when the sun is shining. Many projects like planning, organization, or deep cleaning (literal or metaphorical) are easier to do when warm days don’t draw you to other activities.
  3. If you let it, the time can be quite restorative. Winter is perfect for moving closer to those you love, enjoying quiet pursuits and other things that provide comfort.

It’s easy to lament winter and only see its inconvenience, but I think it’s a beautiful season. So, the next time you enter a time of winter, try to see it for what it is, an opportunity. Let it do its work and reap the benefits.

Oh, and the best part of winter? One day, you will look up and see new growth on the trees. In that moment, you will know the season did its work and spring is coming.