Filling the Spaces

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When Kerri and I first started our business, we took a course at the local community college to help us with some basics. It was a great experience and we learned a lot, but the biggest takeaway for me was how unique our partnership was. You see, 99% of the people taking the course were solo entrepreneurs, while Kerri and I were the only partnership in our class.

She and I are very different. She is an early riser, while I am a night owl. She has unbelievable stamina and I need naps (#2pmcomeshardy’all). She has laser sharp focus and I tend to wander, meander and play. As I write this, I realize that Kerri is very “Type A” and I am something much further down the alphabet…

Recently, we did an exercise where we each identified favorite parts of our work.

Kerri loves developing the business. I love developing content. She enjoys planning and big picture thinking and I will work on a detail, like a graphic or word choice, for HOURS.

While there is certainly overlap – we both love to coach, train and help others, we also have areas where there is clearly her “dance space” and my “dance space.”

This works out well for us and our clients. We don’t need to be all things to the business or the people we work with. Specialization allows us each to be uncommonly good at what we do, two halves of a whole. Our relationship reminds me to look for others to fill in the spaces, in all areas of my life.

When we develop strong partnerships, we can do more, be more, accomplish more.

After all, it’s nice to feel the warm glow of the spotlight, but it’s even better knowing there’s someone waiting just offstage, ready to celebrate with you.