Look For Your Lulu

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As I walked into the doggie daycare, something caught my eye. An adorable, honey colored pit bull named Lulu. I didn’t recall seeing her before that moment, although everyone swore she had been there a while. I was absolutely enchanted with her and asked if I could visit with her. I got some instructions; she was very timid, so I needed to give her time to warm up and be extra gentle with her. I sat on the floor and waited for her to move toward me. I remember very little about the next few minutes, but eventually, she came to me and let me snuggle her, a little. I was completely besotted. I learned that she belonged to the brother of the doggie daycare owner (Linda Marie) who had recently lost his wife. He worked out of town a lot, so that’s why Lulu was staying at doggie daycare.

My memory becomes a little murky at this point. I don’t know how long it was before I had a big (and in retrospect, a very absurd) idea. I had been visiting Lulu, sitting with her, and talking to her, every chance I could, so what happens next made perfect sense (at the time). I asked if I could take her home for a sleepover. And some crazy how, Linda Marie said I could. I took Lulu home just for the night and drove her back the next morning. As time went on, she would stay for the weekend, then go back on Monday. At some point, she would just stay with us for weeks at a time. Finally, I told them to let me know when they needed her to come back (in anticipation of her father coming to town and you know, wanting to see his dog).

I wish I could remember how long this process took; first look to first sleepover, then to what would become a semi-permanent arrangement, but I don’t. What I remember though is how absolutely certain I was that Lulu was supposed to be mine. From the moment I saw her, something just “clicked,” and I knew she and I were meant to be together. I had complete, unwavering faith that she was supposed to be mine. Even when it seemed crazy, even when Joe wasn’t on board, even when I had no reason to believe she would be available to be rehomed. It was a heady mix of love, enthusiasm, and confidence for seemingly no reason.

Now, Reader, this might be the point where you are wondering how in the world, I could possibly provide any lesson from this ridiculous story. Well, have no fear, I got this.

You see, what happened with Lulu had only happened that one time, until it happened again.

The “Lulu lightning” struck again with learning Spanish. I was drawn to learning Spanish and started doing so, with absolutely no plan in place when I first downloaded the Duolingo app. Fast forward, and, as of the date of this writing, I am 678 days into my journey and nearing completion of my third trimester in school. As with the original Lulu, I don’t have any idea exactly why I am doing it. But I am convinced, in a way that has only happened with Lulu, that it is important, that I have to do it. It’s the Language Lulu.

So, what do I want you to take away as a result of reading this? Start looking for the Lulus in your own life. What are those things that you are drawn to, especially those that seem inexplicable? What has you in its grasp (in the best possible way) and won’t let you go? What delights your heart and provides joy, even it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t have a clear endpoint, or even seem truly possible?

The story of Lulu has many twists and turns, but I am so pleased to share that eventually, she did become a full-time member of our family. We had her for many years and every day was an adventure. She was a bit of a clown, silly and clever, but deeply sensitive. Even though she crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015, we still talk about her every single day. She left us with so many stories and memories, that still provide great joy. She is the point in time, where my heart and soul knew something that my mind couldn’t yet fathom.

My hope for everyone is to find their Lulu.